Freelancers and Bonsai: The Perfect Blend!

If you’re a freelancer, you know how hard and tiresome freelancing can be, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of clients. You need to do everything by yourself while making the most of your time and sometimes dealing with your clients can be hard. I feel you. But it’s actually fun to be a freelancer and the site I’m going to talk about today will make it even more worthwhile!


Common Problems Faced By a Freelancer

Okay, before we go over the solution, let’s just quickly analyse our problems first.

Getting Clients / Sending Proposals

This is quite a big problem for beginner freelancers. The long wait to get clients is frustrating. Moreover, you might be hesitant about sending your proposals to potential clients.

Is your proposal professional enough?

Are you good enough?

These are the questions that might get in your way.

Time Tracking

There are a lot of freelance jobs where the client pays by the hour. The problem is tracking your time accurately so that you get paid every penny you deserve!

It’s also hard to show the proof in an organised manner to your client so that he/she can pay you.

Proper Contracts

Let’s be honest. You NEED contracts for your safety as well as your client’s. A proper legal contract will give you a definite set of rules which you have to follow and basically protect you from unnecessary lawsuits.


Freelancer analytics

Having proper analytics of all your work and earnings is a must for meeting goals and setting your standards. You might maintain Excel sheets but come on, that is too tiresome. You should focus more on your work rather than on typing out your earnings and trying to get a visual representation in your mind.

Meet Bonsai

Bonsai Logo

Bonsai is a company that works for the betterment of freelancers. It provides all sorts of tools that help freelancers achieve more. These include contract templates, time tracking, analytics and more. Furthermore, it improves the freelancer-client relation and allows for seamless workflow.

More than 100,000 freelancers use this and top companies like Y Combinator, Matrix Partners and Index Ventures back Bonsai.

So, if you’re a freelancer, this is the place to be.

I recently discovered Bonsai while creating a contract and I was hooked onto it by all their features.

Now let’s go over all the tools that’ll help you achieve more by making your workflow 10x more efficient!

Pro Proposals

Sending professional proposals is so simple with Bonsai. They provide simple but modern templates where you just have to put in specific informations like the title,fee, etc. and upload images. Bonsai does the rest.

Bonsai Freelancer Proposal

They even allow you to create different packages in order to give your client a variety of choices. This not only allows the client to pay for the services he/she requires but also allows you to earn more.

Freelancer Proposal

With Bonsai, everything is automated – from creating invoices to analytics. You will also be notified when your proposal is viewed and your client can easily approve it online.


As I mentioned earlier, contracts are an essential part of your work. It protects both the client and the freelancer, especially. It allows you to set boundaries and let the client know about them.

Freelancer Bonsai

At Bonsai there all templates for all kinds of freelancers – starting from freelance photographer to web developers and writers. You have the ability to format the template as per your requirements and, best of all, all these different contracts are written and reviewed by top lawyers. Also, the contracts are international. So you can be sure that these contracts are professional and show your clients that you mean business.

Bonsai Freelancer SupportBonsai Freelancer Support

You can then sign it and store it securely online or download it as PDF and send it to your client. Again, a notification is sent a to you when your contract is viewed. Your client can then sign it and you can even send automated invoices for seamless payment transactions.

Easy Time Tracking

Time tracking is a frustrating part of being a freelancer. Accurately sending data about your work hours to your client is quite a hassle.

Time tracking freelancer

Bonsai allows you to download their app (available on the Web, MacOS and iOS) which allows you to measure the amount of time you’re spending on your client’s work. It creates a data table which you can easily integrate with your contract or invoice. So now, as a freelancer, you get paid for what you deserve.


It is really difficult to create custom invoices when you just know a thing about them. At least, it was for me. But Bonsai just takes care of literally everything.

Invoice Creation Bonsai

You have the power to create and customise invoices to suit your style as well as automate reminders. Again, Bonsai notifies you when your invoice has been viewed and you have been paid.

You can accept global payments via a wide range of services like credit card, bank transfer, PayPal and get this, even Bitcoin! Everything is of course highly secure.

Bonsai Payment Methods for Freelancers


Analytics are the one and only thing that will give you a clear cut view of your success. Bonsai makes analytics so simple. You can view your earnings, projects, time, etc. straight from your dashboard. All the data is represented nicely in a modern way with smooth colourful graphs and timelines. It just makes you feel nice about your performance (if they are good, that is!)



Well, I just love Bonsai. And you’ll too once you give this a shot.


It is a paid service, but completely worth it. If you pay annually, then even the $16/month is a really good choice. You do obviously get a free trial. If, however, you need multiple user support, sub-contracting and so on, then you have the option of choosing the $24/month plan. All the plans include Bonsai’s essentials like contracts and all.

Check out Bonsai now!

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Bonsai Freelancer Benefits

So, are you using Bonsai? If so, then let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. If not, then do give a free trial and then make your decision.

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