iPhone Xr Might Not Be A Bad Phone – Here’s Why

Apple iPhone Xr

What’s the hype about?

The Iphone Xr has been causing a lot of hype. It has become a general pattern that everytime apple releases a new phone there is going to be a lot of speculation and scrutiny and the Xr isn’t different. However, people have been up in arms for the past few weeks on why they think Iphone Xr might be a disaster.

Many people think it's a bad phone for a hefty price
Iphone Xr

Why people are critisizing the Iphone Xr

Apple announced 3 new iphones on September 12th, 2018 and not surprisingly, they got mixed reactions. On one side were the so called “Android people” looking for any loopholes to critisize the new phones, and on the other side were the “Apple people” trying to defend the products of apple.

People are criticising the Xr even though it hasn’t been released it. While it is good to see people pointing out the flaws and not being blind supporters, many of these “issues” are misleading people into believing the credibility of iPhones. So here’s our complete breakdown of the iPhone Xr myths and why they might not be true.

1. Specs

Starting off with a quick look at the spec-sheet, the iPhone Xr is somewhat of a game changer, even though some might argue that it is underwhelming than its Android counterparts despite being fairly high priced.

It has a 2950 mAH battery, a six-core processor (the A12 Bionic chip – the most powerful processor in any smartphone) and a Liquid Retina display. It is an LCD display with 828 pixels by 1792 pixels at a PPI of 326 pixels per inch. The screen stretches to 6.1 inches diagonally. The notch again fetches different reactions from people (even though all of today’s smartphones are going after the notch-style screen).

The specificatons of the Xr are underwhelming
Specfications are disillusional

2. Is it worth it?

On paper the phone might look very average and not worthy of the $750 price tag. But, this is where many people, like us, would like to argue otherwise. The thing is, specs are not a true representation of performance.

While the iPhone might seem basic on the spec-sheet, it will be a really good phone in practical applications. Many people have complained about the sub 1080p screen and low PPI. Most of them, however, haven’t even experienced it in first person before musing about it online. The pixel density is the same as that of the new Apple Watch Series 4, and everyone is raving about how good the display is. Apple has always stayed true to their quality and customer goodwill. And, can you think of any instance where an iPhone display is imperfect.

The iPhones Xr might be on the pricey side but it has a great design and superior performance. At the end of the day, the A12 Bionic chip outperforms the Snapdragon 845 by a huge margin. The A11 chip was already leading the industry but now the A12 takes the game away from the competition even farther!


The bottom line is that it is really illogical to critisize anything without rigourous testing and it shouldn’t be encouraged. The Iphone Xr might be a bad phone but there is an equal chance, if not greater, that it will stand up to the company’s trillion dollar brand image.

To look on the bright side the Xr has many good features like good cameras, Face ID, and vibrant colours which we should appreciate too.

The Iphone Xr has six colour variants
Iphone Xr comes in 6 vibrant colours

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