Sky Glow – Cinematic Preset for Drone Shots and Landscapes

$19.00 $10.00

Premium LUT to turn your dusk skies into pure magic.


Presenting Sky Glow, the premium Orange and Teal LUT that’ll take your images to the next level so as to stand out in today’s noisy world.

With Sky Glow it’s as easy as importing the LUT and applying it to your desired image. After that, sit back and relax while the magic unfolds! The preset has been tweaked just right to allow you to use it for a wide range of pictures. It, however, works best with drone shots and landscapes. It has been curated for months so as to bring out the true flavour of the sky and all other elements. Every aspect of the picture lives in perfect harmony.

What’s better is that you can further tweak everything so that it is just perfect and compliments your Instagram grid! Sky glow provides you with the perfect platform you will ever need to begin your editing spree. The LUT has been crafted to perfection so that you can use it as it is. One click, and bam! Your picture’s edited!

  • Works with Adobe Lightroom.

Special Offer:

If this LUT does not work the way it’s supposed to, send us an email with a screenshot of your invoice and the image (as edited using this LUT). We will get your picture professionally edited at 50% off. No questions asked.