Why is Microsoft growing rapidly while others are struggling?

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You’ve heard of Microsoft – even more so nowadays, I’m sure. Wherever you go, Microsoft is popping up in various ways. This hasn’t always been the case previously.

Microsoft Growth
Real growth started when Satya Nadella took over

Real growth started for Microsoft when Satya Nadella became its CEO. Numerous changes took place and the company’s stock has been rising since. But, now more than ever, Microsoft seems everywhere, doing everything. Microsoft is finally doing things right.

Satya Nedella
Satya Nedella – Microsoft CEO

But what are the changes that brought about this growth?

Microsoft Azure Improvements

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is pushing out new features with Azure at competitive prices. It’s biggest rival right now is AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Microsoft Product Growth
Azure is bringing in the cash

Azure is growing at a rapid pace, with new companies and users utilising its Cognitive Services among other things. So much so, Azure’s revenue went up 76%.

GitHub Acquisition

Microsoft had bought GitHub, a hub for open-source projects, for $7.5 billion. This came as a surprise to most of us. Microsoft, in the past, were bent on crushing open-source. But now they themselves bought GitHub, arguably the life-blood of open-source projects!


GitHub is so prominent in the open-source field that they are sometimes used interchangeably! When someone says, “It’s on GitHub”, it basically translates to, “It’s open-source”.

Microsoft Edge and Google Chromium
Edge | Chromium

Microsoft is now slowly creeping into the open-source field. Recently, they decided to build their Edge browser on the Chromium platform, which is an open-source project by Google. This is actually a really smart plan by Microsoft to encourage development of apps for Universal Windows Platform.

Know more about Universal Windows Platform (UWP): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Windows_Platform

Nailing the Surface Products

Microsoft is paying close attention to developing its Surface line of products. Previously, they had been a hit or miss. But in the past few months Microsoft has nailed a few of their Surface products.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Surface Laptop

Let’s be honest. Despite looking cool and having good specs, the Surface Pros never really made their mark. Consumers just aren’t ready to use Windows, with all its bugs, as a tablet.

So Microsoft started a new line of Surface Laptops. Coming at a premium, it competes with the likes of MacBooks. They look really good, with a sleek chassis and that Alcantara keyboard.

Surface Laptop

The Surface Laptop 2 is an absolute winner in the Windows segment. It looks really good and has nearly everything you’d need to meet your heavy demands.

Oh! And by the way, if you are frustrated with finding the perfect laptop that suits meets your demands, our most comprehensive laptop buying guide will surely help you!

Surface Book

The Surface book is designed to be used as a convertible. They are certainly better than the Surface Pro series but costs a lot too.

Surface Book 2

It is loaded with demanding specifications and the overall design language is amazing. It looks really good and performs really well.

Sharp Screen

Surface Headphone

The Surface Headphone is a game-changer. The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones were really the king of noise-cancelling headphones.

The Surface Headphone is not better at noise cancellation but the difference is negligible. Moreover, the design will sway most users towards the Surface Headphones.

Microsoft Surface Headphone

It has an absolutely minimal design with great build quality. It laughs at Bose’s industrial design. There are two rings in both ear cups which can rotated to control the volume and the level of noise cancellation. All of this results in an extremely satisfying experience!

It also comes with gesture controls and Cortana, if that interests you.

Transforming Microsoft Office

All of us have used Office applications. I still do. If you have been using Office for some years, you’d understand the work Microsoft has put into it.

Microsoft Office

The new features encourage more users to actually pay for the subscription and it totally justifies the price.

Integrating into an Ecosystem

Office has a lot of useful applications. Problem was, they were not integrated with each other as much as one would want. Workflow was not seamless at all. It just didn’t feel that Word, Excel, Powerpoint were all a part of a subscription – they felt more like individual apps.

Microsoft Office Ecosystm
The Microsoft Office Ecosystm

Finally, Microsoft has realised the importance of an ecosystem and has made radical improvements in this field. All the applications have deep integrations which enable a smoother workflow

Power of Cloud

Further improving the Office ecosystem, Microsoft has enabled cloud facilities. This feature was overdue for a long time.

Users can now continue with their work wherever they go. This is particularly useful for people who are always on the move. Content creators like me do not always have our laptops with us. But still, we can continue where we left off in our phones or tablets.

Microsoft Office Cloud
Microsoft Office Cloud @Mashable

Nowadays as tablets like the latest iPad Pro are giving fierce competition to laptops, cloud integration really helps. For example, I have to often write scripts for the videos I produce. When at home, I can open my MacBook and write it. But when I’m travelling, I can simply pull out a tablet and type away.

Essentially, the workflow becomes a lot seamless and efficient.

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